Colonial basket maker

They begin their work by cutting down small or young trees with an ax after they cut the wood into small strips and they called them splints.She soaked the splints so they are bendable and with a mallet she flattens them.once they are soft after that she will wove the bottom and after the bottom is done she will start to do all of the sides once she is all done with that she will begin to do two handles.The reason they needed to make baskets is because they had no plastic bags like we do now they had to make it out of wood. They would have to do everything themselves they did not have any machines like we do now and they also had no electronics so they couldn’t go and call someone to come and pick them up like we can do now.

colonial leader

who is pocahontas? pocahontas was the daughter of powhatan. she saved the life of a captive Native American.she chose to remain with the Native Americans.she saved john smith and became part of the Native Americans.Helped her family with growing tobacco and also became a civilized savage she also moved in to jamestown.That is the reason pocahontas is a colonial  leader.

A new halloween night!

One Halloween night just before a terrible rain storm there was a group of friends little did they know someone was watching them.They started around the corner and saw a little girl that was floating in the air.So as soon as they saw her they all tried to run away but then they all disappeared and then a day later they woke up in a abandon school.The little witch said will you guys play with me please.They played with her for three days straight.They started to hear some noise so they snuck away while the witch was sleeping.Somehow the door opened then their friends came inside and took them outside the started to run away from the building.They managed to escape from the witch when the both got home there parents said how was school honey and no one would believe them.


9/11 Reflection

On the day of 9/11 we had a lot of innocent people die and so we honor them. Because they were brave enough to try to stop them and yes we do have  bad people in this world  and don’t blame yourself  because those heros helped us become stronger. They were so high in the air we couldn’t help them.You know what that next day we became stronger we helped each other more than ever!Because of this we are a stronger country than we ever!Now we are even better at what we do.We have more pride than any country yet!That’s what makes us who we are!If you don’t see this now you will see it later in life.The people around you is your team.Yet the day of 9/11 was the worst day ever for america.we have learned alot from it.

Life in 5th grade

  the begging of the school year I thought that my classes would be like the black lagoon but then I go to my homeroom mister mcbride and so far he is the best. The next week we went to all the classes but I still have trouble trying to remember their names.So far I am making great grades and the teachers are very kind and the classes are awesome and I am ready for the rest of the year!